Greeting Card Kiosk

Kodak wanted to test-market a kiosk that would do one thing only – make greeting cards. Unlike the multi-purpose kiosk, some these cards would have sentiments written inside and artwork that would not require a photo. In order to offer an advantage over card rack, they also needed to be customizable. 

Initial Concept for single-purpose kiosk

An early design for the Greeting Card Kiosk sort screen

An early design for the Greeting Card Kiosk create screen

After testing and revisions

Due to limitations of the display, we revised the design color scheme

After 3 iterations of usability testing, we developed a final design

Revised for multi-purpose kiosk

After the successful market-trial, I was asked to fit the design into the Picture Maker Kiosk workflow

Some changes were made to account for the lack of a keyboard and for technological differences


Before starting the design, I benchmarked several card creation Kiosks and websites, looking for commonalities, best practices and weaknesses.

HP Kiosk


Kodak Gallery








I conducted 3 usability tests at various phases in the development. The first study helped us to clearly communicate the differences between the types of cards and established the need for a hard-keyboard. Two subsequent studies helped us refine the design including the color scheme when we found that the contrast was reduced at low angles for wheelchair users.

The result was a design that allowed users to efficiently choose from a large variety of cards, customize their design (adding value beyond static cards) and print high quality cards for a reasonable price.

The market-trial proved the concept and led to incorporation of the design as an application into the multi-function picture maker kiosk.